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Bring back normality…..please???

Kangaroo thinking

Now let me think…what do I want my new normal to be like?

Remember the good old days??? Life rolled on and was what we fondly called normal.  2020 has thrown normality on it’s head and  tossed us around like waves on jaggered rocks.   In the rush to get back to normal we have an amazing opportunity to use this transition time to consider how we actually want our future normal to look. Continue reading


Rules or roadblocks?

Happy chameleon

I have no rules, I change to what ever I like whenever I like. I am happy as a pig in mud (or a chameleon in the garden).

Do you have rules for yourself or for others that dont do you or them any justice? Do these rules sometimes give you grief and make you judgmental,critical and down right hard to please? Continue reading

What is in a word???????

They keep teasing me...they call me midget...

They keep teasing me...they call me midget...

What negatives have you told yourself or  been told that you have?????
Is it that you are lazy; unhealthy; not smart enough;too loud; too quiet??? Do you believe it? Whatever you have been told or told yourself they are just words, jumbled letters. Continue reading