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What do you want????

I want that bone.....

I want that bone…..

Do you have a “wants list”? Actually wipe that question…we all have a wants list!(For the purpose of this post I am NOT talking about material things!)

We might want to lose weight; or want to be more organised; maybe you want to exercise more; or you want to eat healthier; you want to be happier; you want to change jobs or get more job fulfilment; you might want more sleep; or want to have less stress; you may want to have better relationships …….you know how it goes.

So what do you want? Continue reading

What do you believe about yourself???????

I believe that I am a lion!!!!!

I believe that I am a lion!!!!!

Have you heard the saying “What you believe about yourself is what you become?”I suppose than the question to ask ourselves is what  do we truly believe about ourselves?? Continue reading