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Change is not a dirty word…..

I see myself as a duck but my friends say that I act like a goose

I want to be bigger and stronger

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If you did, I am gathering that all of them would be leading you in the same direction or toward the same goal……to be happier in some way? If you didn’t, I am guessing it is not because you think that your life is perfect? In the search for contentment we normally focus on what makes us happy because as we all know what we focus on grows, so it makes perfect sense to focus on the positive in our lives.  Today I have a little challenge for you and it will be to look at your life a little differently………………. Continue reading


What is in a word???????

They keep teasing me...they call me midget...

They keep teasing me...they call me midget...

What negatives have you told yourself or  been told that you have?????
Is it that you are lazy; unhealthy; not smart enough;too loud; too quiet??? Do you believe it? Whatever you have been told or told yourself they are just words, jumbled letters. Continue reading