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Listen….are you paying attention?

Go ahead..I’m all ears, you have my full attention…

Is it just me or are more and more people distracted these days?  Is the art of conversation getting lost?

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React, respond or refrain??


You are always so funny! I love your jokes!

How do you communicate? Are you happy with how you interact with others and how they interact with you? Can you go to sleep at night feeling that you have acted within your values, in kindness and in fairness to others? Continue reading

Are you Tactful??

Are you stupid? How many times do I have to tell you.....?

Are you stupid? How many times do I have to tell you…..?

How do you respond to someone having a go at you? Do you feel small, insignificant and hurt? Of course you do!…..No one likes to be yelled at or treated with disdain. On the flip side, have you ever got so angry that you have lost it and yelled at someone or put them down? I know I have and it feels horrible afterwards. At work, in a group, socially or at home do you communicate to the best of your ability? Continue reading

How do you talk to others?

Stop talking at me! It makes me sad!

Stop talking at me! It makes me sad!

How do you talk to others? Is your language positive and supportive? Do you have a calm tone? Do you actually listen to others before you talk? Would others think that you actually care about them and what they are saying by the way you interact with them? Do you find that others do not respond well to you or what you have to say? Now as I have said many a time, no one is perfect and we all have had times where we have communicated poorly. We may have been domineering,  patronising, negative, grumpy, over the top, insensitive, looked like we are not listening or even been down right rude. But this week’s challenge is to pay attention to how we communicate with those around us? In particular those closest to us…….. Continue reading