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Diet time – for the mind

yoga kitten

I love my kitty yoga – It’s a great way to exercise my body and my mind

Why is it that we are so focused on diets, how we look and how defined our abs are and sadly not as focused on our minds, self awareness and thoughts? Continue reading


Are you ready for change?


Caterpillars always plan for change and look at the awesome results……

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you decide to go on a diet that naughty food appears? You are offered cake, invited to out to dinners, your favorite chocolate is on special or you instantly start craving delicious comfort foods? Continue reading

One size fits all????????

These one size fits all outfits are too big!

These one size fits all outfits are too big!

One size fits all……pffft!

You know what I have come to realize??? This is impossible.
Why, for one second, would we think that a t-shirt that comes with a tag saying one size fits all could ever possibly fit “ALL”. When you think of it, this notion is utterly ridiculous. Try to picture it….imagine a size 6 petite young lady and a size 5xl man wearing the exact same t-shirt……Ludicrous.
So then, why would we think that the answers and solutions that we seek would come in a one size fits all format? We are all so different, so unique, how could a one size fits all approach work for anything? Continue reading

Do you invite stress into your life?

Do you unintentionally invite stress into your life? Do you go about your day totally unaware of the stresses/tensions that surround you? Are there areas of your life where frustrations are a daily occurrence, when they really don’t need to be? Maybe you don’t even realize that the strain is there or that you are being affected? We know that stress and especially continual stress can cause illness and unhappiness, so doesn’t it make sense to try to eliminate as much stress as we possibly can? Let’s take a typical day and see where stresses may be bubbling along under the surface.
Continue reading