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What's wrong with being negative....I am fine!

What’s wrong with being negative….I am fine!

Negativity can be poisonous and stressful. Think of having pessimistic thoughts or using destructive words as filling yourself up with poisons. When you are having a bad day and being negative think of that as pouring toxins into your body. Each thought or word is like a cup of toxin entering your body, affecting your health, your immunity and changing your entire outlook. It can be contagious and doesn’t do anyone any favours. Negativity can seem to take on a life of its own and it is very draining. Imagine being in a conversation with someone who is focusing only on gloom and doom, we have all been there and it is not pleasant. So what can we do to change, to be more positive and to be more pleasant to be around? Continue reading


Are you an Inflator or a deflator??

I love being with you, you inflate me!

I love being with you, you inflate me!

Last night, on television, I watched one of my favourite Australian Comedians, Adam Hills, perform a show called “Inflatable boy”.
Adam is funny and in true Australian form, very down to earth. He had my daughter and me in stitches of laughter. As part of his show he tells the following joke: Continue reading

Do you talk to yourself???

I tell myself that no one likes me! it makes me sad!

I tell myself that no one likes me! it makes me sad!

They say that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself…..well that makes me Super Duper Crazy.  The only times that I am not talking to myself is when I am chatting with others, when I am asleep or when I am fully concentrating on something. I sort of thought this would be fairly normal???? Please tell me it is? Do you talk to yourself?? I suppose some may call it talking to themselves and others may call it thinking?? Whichever way I suspect that we all do it. Continue reading