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Thunder cloud or rainbow??

No thunder clouds here!

Imagine if others could see thought bubbles over our heads with the words that we are thinking as we go about our day… Would they see thunder cloud words, (negative) or rainbow type words (positive) thoughts emminating from you?

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What is your story

angry lioness

I like to tell everyone how angry I am…….

What is your story?

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Who do love to hang out with?

happy twin pigs

I love hanging out with you…….No I love hanging out with you!

Who do you love to hang out with?  Who makes you happy, shares your thoughts and dreams, listens to you, supports you and is nurturing to your soul? Continue reading

Are you an inflater or deflater?

Happy lioness

All my friends say I make them happier

Thinks of the happiest person you know…….what do you admire about them? Do you notice that they make you and those around them feel happy, positive and energized? Continue reading

1st of the month reality check Feb

As long as we have each other....we have it all!

As long as we have each other....we have it all!


I stayed up way too late the other night listening to an Australia Day speech by leading Australian Neuro surgeon Charles Teo……I have seen him interviewed before and found him to be an extremely,interesting and inspiring man.  He is the man who people with brain cancer, who have been told that there is nothing that can be done, go to. Somehow he seems to be able to perform genius miracles and save lives that no one dared to.  He has been controversial in Australia because  he dares to speak up; challenge his colleagues and demand excellence. Continue reading