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Health check….how do you rate?

We just love our yoga!

Do you believe that our state of health affects our happiness?? I do.  If you had a house and it was run down…the foundations were weak, the walls were cracking, the windows were busted, the roof leaked, there was rubbish piled up and the garden was overgrown….do you think it would be a good place to live…a healthy place??? 

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Happiness is like a jigsaw puzzle…..

Im a work in progress….

The road to happiness is not a one size fits all, do one magical thing and you get to live happily ever after.  I like to think of it like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces required to make your happy picture make sense. Like jigsaw puzzles it will take time, effort and commitment to make it all come together. So where do we start?

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Please sir, I want some more……….

Please can I have some milk?

Please can I have more?

It goes without saying that we all want to lead a happier life.What are you actively doing to achieve this? What do you want more of in your life to bring you greater joy? Continue reading

G.R.E.A.T. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

black chimpanzee smiling

I am so happy and a GREAT SUCCESS!

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How happy are you?

I am a happy little pig!

I am a happy little pig!

Where do you sit on the happiness scale…..if totally miserable is 1 and deliriously happy is 10…where do you fit in? Do you say that you wish you were happier but do little to improve your situation? Do you make up excuses for your lack of happiness? Do any of these statements come out of your mouth form time to time? “I’ll be happier when: I get a different job, when I have more money, when I meet that someone special, when I get a new car, when I have more time, when I lose weight etc. etc.” Do you want to know a secret? Continue reading

How to get motivated?

Just can't seem to get into it today????

Just can't seem to get into it today????

What do you do to get motivated??? When the housework can no longer be ignored; when the pile of work on your desk  is seeming to double itself overnight; when you realise that you have not exercised for the past week; when that bill pile is growing so big that it  looks like needs its own postcode? When you realise that you haven’t cooked a proper meal in 4 days?  What slaps you on the bum and says “Enough”?    Continue reading

Coping skills……..what helps???

OH NO!!! How am I going to cope with this????

OH NO!!! How am I going to cope with this????

How do you cope??  When the nerves are frayed, tension is in the air, conflict is lurking, stresses abound, problems need to be solved, your work place has issues, and/or your relationships are going through problems….what do you do/think/say/feel to help get you through.  How come some seem to cope better than others??  What can we do to help?? Well believe it or not we have been learning how to cope since birth.  As babies we begin our learning by how our needs were met….through to the toddler years and how we coped when we fell, when we were hurt….right up until now?  You may not realise it but you probably have many great coping skills that help you on a daily basis.  I believe that if you are more aware of these skills the better you are prepared for daily battles and situations.  Continue reading