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We’re going on happiness hunt..

Hey can you please tell me where I find happiness?

Have you heard the nursery rhyme “we’re going on a bear hunt?” or maybe you had secret aspirations to be a detective?  This week’s challenge is to go on a happiness hunt….

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Listen….are you paying attention?

Go ahead..I’m all ears, you have my full attention…

Is it just me or are more and more people distracted these days?  Is the art of conversation getting lost?

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Gratefulness in trying times………


For those of you who dont know, this little happy as a pig blog comes to you from Australia. Continue reading

React, respond or refrain??


You are always so funny! I love your jokes!

How do you communicate? Are you happy with how you interact with others and how they interact with you? Can you go to sleep at night feeling that you have acted within your values, in kindness and in fairness to others? Continue reading

Please sir, I want some more……….

Please can I have some milk?

Please can I have more?

It goes without saying that we all want to lead a happier life.What are you actively doing to achieve this? What do you want more of in your life to bring you greater joy? Continue reading

Happiness….luck or intention?

How lucky am I? A lucky lady bug on a happy four leaf clover

How lucky am I? A lucky lady bug on a happy four leaf clover.

Some people believe that happiness occurs more by luck or chance rather than by choice or intention.

I am happy because I am lucky that I have a job I love, that I am happy because I am lucky to live in a place that I love and I am happy because I am lucky that my family life is content. So does that mean that I believe that luck does play a part in happiness? Continue reading

Are you living your life to the fullest?

I am grateful for every moment with my family!

I am grateful for every moment with my family!

How often are we told how important it is to be grateful, to be happy and to live like there is no tomorrow? How often do we really listen to this sage advice and do we truly live by it? All too often we get sucked up by life, work, chores and the like when really we need to slap ourselves across the face and remember that life can be short. Continue reading

Do you lead by example?

Follow my lead family. I will guide you on the right path.

Follow my lead family. I will guide you on the right path.

This question is not only for leaders; this question is for every single one of us. Are you a colleague, friend, parent, part of a family or a group member, in a nutshell are you a human being? Do you expect those around you to: act in a certain way; have particular morals or follow certain rules? Are you ever guilty of being the pot calling the kettle black? Continue reading

Gratitude…………….. one site fits all!

I am grateful to be alive!

I am grateful to be alive!

Well it has been forever since my last post. Life has been a little busy lately.
Over the years I have come to learn that when life gets hectic that it is really important to have a few key coping mechanisms to help get you through. As we age, most of us get more resilient, we learn better ways to cope, we have learnt what works best for us and more importantly, what to steer clear of. I know for myself I have a couple of key coping mechanisms that always help. One is to talk; sharing the load to a trusted friend, partner or family member always helps. Another is to be grateful. Studies have shown that those people in this crazy world who are the happiest are those who are the most grateful. Why is this so?

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Are you grateful for your family?


These are my favourite moments

These are my favourite moments

Well the start of a new month and time for us to have our first of the month reality check.  This month, being December and the beginning of the festive season, I thought we could all reflect on one of the most important areas in our life, but an area often neglected.  One that we may take for granted and one that deserves much love, nurturing and attention….FAMILY! Continue reading