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When are you being true to yourself????

I am so confused....who is the real me???I am so confused…..Who am I??????????

I realise that I am often confused about who I “really” am. I find myself always coming up with the same question….. how do I know the real me?? Would I even know it if I was staring at it in the mirror or if it slapped me in the face?  How do I know if what I am feeling/thinking/doing is fear, ego or the real me? Continue reading

What do you like?

I like cookies....

I like cookies....

I read somewhere that we spend the first half of our lives being conditioned and the second half of our life trying to undo that conditioning????  The first half goes like this….do this, do that, don’t be loud, don’t be shy, don’t wear that, you need to change, you shouldn’t look like that, you can’t do that, it is wrong to think that, you must fit in, you should do this job…blah, blah, blah.  We learn to fit into the family, the school, the social cliques, the workplace etc.  We actually learn to lose ourselves into a miss mash of what others expect.  But guess what? Who says that a bunch of outsiders know us better than we know ourselves??? Continue reading