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Top tips for happiness

Pig helping lamb

I stay happy as a pig in mud by being kind to my little buddies.

Want to be happier?……….. four top tips to improve your happiness……………..

In all of my years of researching and learning about happiness, I have come to four top tips to practice on a daily basis that can really shift and improve your happiness levels. Continue reading

Forgiveness is healthy.

I forgive you!

I forgive you!

Do you find forgiving others a real struggle?? Is resentment affecting you or holding you back? Is there any bitterness or anger from past issues that could be affecting your health or happiness? Do you think that forgiving others is a sign of weakness, backing down, letting others win, giving others power or accepting what they have done as okay? If we think in these ways then forgiveness can be near on impossible. So what can we do to help?? Continue reading

Do you treat others how you want to be treated?

I'm glad we made up.

I'm glad we made up.

Do you treat others how you want to be treated?  Do you reap what you sow?These statements are not only true for our words but also for our  actions, thoughts and wishes for others too. If you think negative thoughts about others, if you wish negative things for others, you are basically wishing these things for yourself? Makes you think……………. Continue reading

Parenting……hardest job on earth!

Oh mum, do we have to go home now????

Oh mum, do we have to go home now???

Were your parents perfect? Did they always say and do the right thing? Were they always there for you? Did they understand you through every stage of your life? Was there never a harsh word said between you? Did they always let you do
everything you wanted? Was there never a time when you were grumpy with them? Was every choice they made for you wonderful?  If you answer yes to all of these questions, then may I suggest that you are a very rare person? Continue reading