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Diet time – for the mind

yoga kitten

I love my kitty yoga – It’s a great way to exercise my body and my mind

Why is it that we are so focused on diets, how we look and how defined our abs are and sadly not as focused on our minds, self awareness and thoughts? Continue reading


Is there a formula to happiness?

How dare you say that I am angry!

Happy?? I’m not happy!

Well happiness is not the same for everyone, because luckily we are all different. The one thing I know is that happiness is not handed to us on a plate. It is something that we must work on from within and on a daily basis to achieve. Continue reading

Forgiveness is healthy.

I forgive you!

I forgive you!

Do you find forgiving others a real struggle?? Is resentment affecting you or holding you back? Is there any bitterness or anger from past issues that could be affecting your health or happiness? Do you think that forgiving others is a sign of weakness, backing down, letting others win, giving others power or accepting what they have done as okay? If we think in these ways then forgiveness can be near on impossible. So what can we do to help?? Continue reading

12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I'm happy!

I’m happy!


This says it all in a nutshell………..


Are you happy?

Do I look happy to you? Stop asking me if I'm happy. I'M NOT HAPPY!

Do I look happy to you? Stop asking me if I’m happy. I’M NOT HAPPY!

What does “HAPPY” mean to you? I know  that when some people think of a blog about happiness they conjure up the critical image of air head  people seeking a magical life with constant laughter, singing cheerful songs and merrily skipping through life without a care in the world. A sort of heady, fairytale existence where nothing goes wrong and everyone loves each other unconditionally all of the time. I know some people see happiness as the pot of gold at the end of the illusive rainbow. They think that finding such happiness is an unrealistic and naively idealistic quest, only for the foolish.  Well, according to the dictionary, (and to me), to be HAPPY is to be or have contentment, pleasure or joy.  So when I ask are you happy, I am not asking if all aspects of your life are paradise or bliss.  I am not asking if your every experience is enchanted and that you fantastically live a  life beyond your wildest dreams. No, when I ask if you are happy I am      asking if you have contentment in some aspects or your life. Are you able  to find joy and pleasure in your day-to-day life and are you mostly positive about your life and your future? We are all human and have our ups and downs, we have hits and misses and we all have stressful/trying periods in our lives. But that does not mean that we cannot also be happy. You don’t need to be happy 100% of the time to be classed as a happy person.   Continue reading