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Organisation….balance is the key!

This mess is stressing me out, can't we get more organised?

This mess is stressing me out, can’t we get more organised?

I am a firm believer that being organised can be a major contributor to our happiness. When we feel on top of things and that life is in order we have a sense of serenity and calmness. When we are in a state of disorder we can feel overwhelmed and overly stressed. Is organisation making your life enjoyable or on the flip side, too rigid and strict? Would those around you say that your life is: a mess; organized or too controlled? Continue reading

Gratitude….it’s the best attitude…..

We are happy as pigs in mud!!!!

We are happy as pigs in mud!!!!

Now I try to be happy as often as possible, but as we know, real life happens and our happiness stores can literally get drained. The other day, I was having a particularly, great day, I was as happy as a pig in mud…… Everything just felt good. I thought to myself “why do I feel so good???” Had I found a new wonder drug??? Had I received a raise at work??  Had our teenagers cleaned the house?????? NO, none of the above……But I did find my answer…I was having “Grateful day”:  It made me realize how feeling grateful literally boosted my mood.  It was as if taking stock and taking a moment to smell the roses had slapped me in the face and said “You are one lucky lady.”

“Why are you so grateful?” I hear you ask me. Continue reading