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Where is the real me???

Where is the real me??

Where is the real me??

At some stage in our life most of us will feel the need to rediscover who we really are.  We feel a little lost and unsure of what our true self is and what we really want from life. To me, this is only natural as we spend so many years pleasing others and conforming out of necessity. Then, at some point we wake up and we say to ourselves “Who is the real me, what do I really like, what are my goals, and where do I see myself in years to come?” The journey to find our true selves is by no means an easy feat……..we have spent so many years conforming and compromising that this challenge is a hard nut to crack. Continue reading


1st of the month “Reality check”

This grass over there looks so much nicer

This grass over there looks so much nicer....

I made a pact, that at the beginning of each month, that I would write a post that gives us a bit of a reality check.  To say to us all that…….The grass is not always greener on the other side and that we can be grateful for what we have now…….So here is our first one………. Continue reading