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You are the builder of your life!

“I made this mess now I have to sleep in it” How can that be fair?

Messy dog

It is not often that I use other’s words on “happy as a pig in mud” but I read this fable last night and knew straight away that I had to put it on my blog: Continue reading


Gratitude makes you happier!

happy little piggy

I’m so grateful that I cant stop smiling!

It is very hard to be cranky when you are being grateful.

I know some days looking for things to be grateful about is harder than others but as long as you are alive, there are always many things to be grateful for. Continue reading

Is there a formula to happiness?

How dare you say that I am angry!

Happy?? I’m not happy!

Well happiness is not the same for everyone, because luckily we are all different. The one thing I know is that happiness is not handed to us on a plate. It is something that we must work on from within and on a daily basis to achieve. Continue reading


Christmas random acts of kindness

Helping elephant

Every now and then there is a feel good news story that makes you want to be a better person, and a recent random act of kindness story did just that for me. Continue reading

Gratitude…..turns lack into enough!

We are grateful for our baby!

We are grateful for our baby!

 “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”. 

Do you realise that when you live each day grateful for what it brings, that you magically lose that sense of lacking? When you are grateful for what you actually have, somehow what you have can be enough. Continue reading

Do you enjoy your life?

Mmmm..I am trying to think of ways to make my life more enjoyable???

Mmmm..I am trying to think of ways to make my life more enjoyable???

Do you enjoy your life? Yes I am asking you to get a little philosophical today………
For many of us we may need to break this down into the different aspects of our lives: home; work and play. For example, some of us may be very happy at home but miserable at work. So if you break your life into these 3 general categories how does each area rate? Maybe give them a score out of 10? Continue reading

Gratefulness equals happiness

Im grateful for my buddy!

Im grateful for my buddy!

What is happiness to you? Would you say that you are happy now or are you waiting for “something” to happen to make you happy? Will a new job, a move, a new car, meeting someone special or more money make you happy? Is happiness at the end of the legendary rainbow or is it something that you have within you right now? Continue reading