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Life lessons……..where do you learn?

Hold on son.....I'll teach you how to swim.

Hold on son…..I’ll teach you how to swim.

When you are in need of guidance, support or just a friendly, non-judgmental ear where do you go? Who are your mentors and teachers? Who do you look up to and what have you found helpful as you travel through this maze called life? Continue reading


How do they know to go to the water????

How do they know to go to the water????

Intuition: If you got something out of the fridge and you thought it was off would you eat it?? No… now that is one form of intuition….do you listen to your other forms of intuition??? If you try on a pair of jeans and they don’t feel right,do you still buy them?  No…or do you think, oh theywill be okay, buy them and never wear them….Do you ever think to yourself “I should have listened to that little voice saying No”.  Well the same goes for that little voice in your head that says other things like……… Continue reading