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Think like a K.I.N.G

smiling lion

I always think like a king, after all I am the king of the jungle! I am one happy lion!

Question: What is something that we do every waking moment of every single day? It affects our physical and mental health and definitely affects our happiness levels. It will determine how our day goes and will definitely have an impact on our future. Continue reading

Is the grass greener over there??

The grass right here is just perfect!

The grass right here is just perfect!

Are you a grass is always greener thinker?
Do you or others you know often think that when ‘this’ or ‘that’ changes in your life that, everything will improve and then you will be happy? When you get your new job? When you get your new car? When you move? When you lose weight? When you meet that someone special? When you have more money? And the list goes on. Have you ever been in the situation of reaching the grass on the other side, only to realise that the new happiness is short-lived? That you did move and yes you were happier for a few months and then everything just somehow slips back to normal and you no longer feel that headiness or excitement….the grass was not really greener? Continue reading