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Anger = fear…


If you want to see an angry, aggressive, defensive animal than all you need to do is find an animal that is scared. We all know that if you back an animal into a corner or threaten them they will get their hackles up, show their teeth and if you are not careful attack you.  This is a natural  instinctive reaction to a threat. Well you do realise that we too, are animals. Do you realise that when you are angry that you are actually afraid?

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What is truly meaningful to you?

My loved ones mean everything to me

My loved ones mean everything to me.

Well many of you may not realise but this little piggy blog comes to you from Australia. Today, a place that has been all over the world news and sadly for all of the wrong reasons. A chilling siege that ended with the heartbreaking news of the death of two innocent hostages. Tragedies such as these make you really think about what actually brings meaning to your life. Continue reading

What are you drawn too?????

I am drawn to "chilling out"

I am drawn to “chilling out”

What are you drawn too, what speaks to your heart, what do you have a natural affinity for? Are there events, people, things, places that really pull at your heart strings? You may not be able to explain it but you just “know” that feeling that you get and how deeply affected you are when you see or hear such things. It is a connection, a knowing, and it feels like part of you??? Continue reading