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What is your story

angry lioness

I like to tell everyone how angry I am…….

What is your story?

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Carefully watch your thoughts

Dalai Lemur

Dalai Lemur……I am meditating to make my thoughts more positive!

Do you have any favourite quotes, proverbs or mantras that you draw upon to help you get back on track? One of my favourite ancient proverbs is more probably more meaningful today then ever…………….. Continue reading

Do you enjoy your life?

Mmmm..I am trying to think of ways to make my life more enjoyable???

Mmmm..I am trying to think of ways to make my life more enjoyable???

Do you enjoy your life? Yes I am asking you to get a little philosophical today………
For many of us we may need to break this down into the different aspects of our lives: home; work and play. For example, some of us may be very happy at home but miserable at work. So if you break your life into these 3 general categories how does each area rate? Maybe give them a score out of 10? Continue reading

Searching for answers?

Do you look for answers or are you more of a questioner? This is not a riddle or even a trick question? With this in mind, think about your life, your goals and your happiness. Think about whether or not you are on an endless quest to find some mysterious, hidden key to unlock all of the answers to the questions of life, or do you prefer to ask yourself questions about what you can do to improve your life? Continue reading

Is the grass greener over there??

The grass right here is just perfect!

The grass right here is just perfect!

Are you a grass is always greener thinker?
Do you or others you know often think that when ‘this’ or ‘that’ changes in your life that, everything will improve and then you will be happy? When you get your new job? When you get your new car? When you move? When you lose weight? When you meet that someone special? When you have more money? And the list goes on. Have you ever been in the situation of reaching the grass on the other side, only to realise that the new happiness is short-lived? That you did move and yes you were happier for a few months and then everything just somehow slips back to normal and you no longer feel that headiness or excitement….the grass was not really greener? Continue reading

Do you like yourself?

Do you try to be the best you can be?….Now, when I ask if you try to be your best, I don’t mean do you try to be the best at everything, I mean do you make a conscious effort to work on those negatives and enhance your positives? Do you believe that personal growth and change is possible and something that you actually have some control over? OR are you from the “I am what I am, take it or leave it, like me warts and all or rack off” camp? Now I firmly believe that others shouldn’t try to make us change just to suit their rules but I also believe that we should strive to bring out our best………. Famous American, poet, author Maya Angelou makes a very poignant point when she made the following quote “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”…with this in mind are you successful? Continue reading

Do you want to be perfect????

OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to do this???

OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to do this???

Do you believe in the perfect person? Would you want to be perfect? What is perfect?  Do you want to be the person who knows everything, who never makes a mistake, who is able to tell everyone else what they are doing wrong? Continue reading