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We may be slow but we are always kind…….

Kindness is such a powerful and transformative quality. Now even more than ever we need to remind ourselves to be kind – not only to others but also to ourselves. What would the world look like, if from today on, we all chose to be kinder?

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Who do love to hang out with?

happy twin pigs

I love hanging out with you…….No I love hanging out with you!

Who do you love to hang out with?  Who makes you happy, shares your thoughts and dreams, listens to you, supports you and is nurturing to your soul? Continue reading

Think like a K.I.N.G

smiling lion

I always think like a king, after all I am the king of the jungle! I am one happy lion!

Question: What is something that we do every waking moment of every single day? It affects our physical and mental health and definitely affects our happiness levels. It will determine how our day goes and will definitely have an impact on our future. Continue reading

How you see yourself versus how others see you????????

I see myself as a duck but my friends say that I act like a goose

I see myself as a duck but my friends say that I act like a goose

How do you see yourself?  Have you ever met someone who can be rude, arrogant and just not that nice and wondered what they think of themselves?  We have all come across those people that just aren’t very approachable and I often wonder how they perceive themselves.  Surely they don’t wake up thinking how can I offend or be unhelpful today? Continue reading

Where are you on the positivity scale???

Sometimes being positive is hard work.

Sometimes being positive is hard work.

If there was such a thing as a positivity scale, where do you honestly think that you would sit on it?
Let’s pretend that 1 is mainly negative, and 10 is super positive. Now when I talk about this scale I am thinking about you as a complete package, I am talking about your thoughts, your words and your actions. Continue reading

Do you treat others how you like to be treated?

I love it when we get along!

I love it when we get along!

One of my favourite sayings is “Treat others how you would like to be treated”. If more people lived by this motto than undoubtedly the world would be a much happier place. People would certainly be way more pleasant and far more enjoyable to be around. Do you honestly, treat others how you wish to be treated? Continue reading