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Do you ask for what you want?

Please can I have some milk?

Please can I have some milk?

Do you ask for what you want? When I talk about this I am being 100% literal.
You have no doubt heard of the law of attraction…where you ask the universe for something, you feel it, you believe it and if you really, truly want it, it will happen. Well this post is not about that. This post is about literally asking for what you want. Sometimes this is easy….go to a shop ask for a product, the shopkeeper gets it for you and you buy it. You go home as happy as a pig in mud, it is that easy. But sadly, sometimes asking for what we want seems like the most difficult thing we can do. How are you at asking for what you want? Continue reading


It’s all about the feeling!

I always feel like I don't fit in....I feel so shy!

I always feel like I don’t fit in….I feel so shy!

Following on from our “Law of Attraction” lessons, I thought that the following scenarios might help us to better understand this theory and it’s complexities.  The law of attraction is not easy to understand and really involves us knowing what we really FEEL!, deep down.  How we feel is so much more important than what we say and even what we do. Our true feelings will alter the course of our lives, what we achieve, our relationships, our highs and our lows……….. Continue reading