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Life lessons……..where do you learn?

Hold on son.....I'll teach you how to swim.

Hold on son…..I’ll teach you how to swim.

When you are in need of guidance, support or just a friendly, non-judgmental ear where do you go? Who are your mentors and teachers? Who do you look up to and what have you found helpful as you travel through this maze called life? Continue reading


Lessons of life….

Wisdom takes a lifetime...

Wisdom takes a lifetime…

A dear, funny, intelligent, awesome friend of mine just told me how she passed on some words of wisdom to her young daughter.
They were 1. Treat others how you want to be treated 2. Be nice to your parents and 3. Love yourself.
What wonderful advice!

What words of wisdom do you try to live by?
What lessons have others taught you that have helped you?
What words of wisdom would you wish to pass on to others?

Let us know your words of wisdom????

What do you attract?????

This lesson is such a hard one to learn...I will have to keep reading!

This lesson is such a hard one to learn…I will have to keep reading!

For this months reality check, I have decided to look at “The law of attraction”. It is a difficult lesson to learn, but sometimes the hardest of lessons to learn are the most valuable…………..

Sometimes life lessons show up in places you would never expect……would you think that  your kids weekly school newsletter would make a lesson you have been trying to grasp but still can’t get, clearer?????????????? I wouldn’t.  In a recent newsletter the Principal wrote about the law of attraction…………basically in a nutshell it says that what you have in life you have attracted.  This is by no means a new law or concept but it is one that we/I seem not to grasp. Continue reading

Do you want to be perfect????

OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to do this???

OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to do this???

Do you believe in the perfect person? Would you want to be perfect? What is perfect?  Do you want to be the person who knows everything, who never makes a mistake, who is able to tell everyone else what they are doing wrong? Continue reading

Life’s lessons…..

Sometimes all you can do is hang in there....

Imagine trying to learn how to tie your shoe laces up when you are only one..not going to happen. Somehow there comes an age where things just become possible, where the penny drops. Magically something that seemed totally beyond you  just clicks.  It doesn’t even matter if someone is giving you wonderful advice if your not ready to get it…..Have you ever said “Why didn’t I listen”  Ouch ……. I know I have.
I think life lessons are the same……..something that makes no sense at 20 makes perfect sense at 40…..is this what they call wisdom?  I suppose it’s like going to school…you can’t learn 12 years of school in 1 year, even though most teeenagers would have you believe they know it all, already. I love that as I have aged things have started to make sense…………some things still make no sense at all to me: how does wireless internet work????? why fruit and vegies are still 1.99 per kilo or 2.99 per kilo when we have not had 1c pieces forever???? and why in the heck does chocolate taste so damn good if it is bad for us?????  I figure it is ok not to get stuff and that when the time is right and when we are ready to learn we
will. I think we all need to be open to lessons and not to beat ourselves up for those lessons that are hard to get………….we all have so much to learn and a life time to learn it in.

I look forward to all the stuff I have to learn and the different stages to go through to get there.

What are some of your favourite life’s lessons?????

Happyasapiginmud……the beginning

Be as happy as a pig in mud

Loving life

Ever heard of that saying Happy as a pig in mud? Isn’t that what we all want….okay so you don’t want to be an actual pig in the mud…..but to be HAPPY?

If I told you that I knew of a magic fairy that would come and grant you 3 wishes….what would they be????
Go on take a minute and really think of what you would wish for, no really do it. Shut your eyes and think of 3 wishes,…it will only take a second. What did you wish for???

I have a sneaky suspicion that 90% of people in the entire world would have somewhere in their list “to be happy”.  I think it is a universal wish/dream and desire.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it???   Amazingly most of us struggle on a daily basis to really be happy.  It is like some mysterious light at the end of the tunnel that we cannot seem to reach or when we do it is short lived. I really believe that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to living happily or for some bizarre reason, deep down we don’t feel that we are worthy of happiness.

Well Guess What?????? We are worth it!  Every single one of us deserves happiness. We can be happy and I hope that this little blog can help us all get to whatever muddy place makes
each of us happy.

Over the years I have read, listened, watched and tried to learn of ways to be happy.  Different ways to tell my over active and
sometimes negative mind that I AM HAPPY! This little blog is my way of sharing what makes me happy; lessons that I have learn’t; lessons that I am trying to learn and whatever else comes to mind…………. This is brought to you with love, simplicity, honesty and hopefully some humour.

Life is too short to be a stick in the mud. How about trying to be a happy little pig in the mud instead????

Thank you for finding these words and best wishes, health and happiness to everyone that stumbles across these pages.

Please join along, make comments and most of all enjoy and be happy together………….