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Rules or roadblocks?

Happy chameleon

I have no rules, I change to what ever I like whenever I like. I am happy as a pig in mud (or a chameleon in the garden).

Do you have rules for yourself or for others that dont do you or them any justice? Do these rules sometimes give you grief and make you judgmental,critical and down right hard to please? Continue reading

Your life movie……box office success or in need of work??

Lion covering eyes

What a negative movie……I couldn’t bare to watch. I have to make changes.

If the last 2 years of your life was made into a movie, what would it look like? Continue reading

G.R.E.A.T. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

black chimpanzee smiling

I am so happy and a GREAT SUCCESS!

We all just want to be happy right? Do you know what makes you happy? Continue reading

What is truly meaningful to you?

My loved ones mean everything to me

My loved ones mean everything to me.

Well many of you may not realise but this little piggy blog comes to you from Australia. Today, a place that has been all over the world news and sadly for all of the wrong reasons. A chilling siege that ended with the heartbreaking news of the death of two innocent hostages. Tragedies such as these make you really think about what actually brings meaning to your life. Continue reading

Are you living your life to the fullest?

I am grateful for every moment with my family!

I am grateful for every moment with my family!

How often are we told how important it is to be grateful, to be happy and to live like there is no tomorrow? How often do we really listen to this sage advice and do we truly live by it? All too often we get sucked up by life, work, chores and the like when really we need to slap ourselves across the face and remember that life can be short. Continue reading

Whose life would you want?

I like being a dog....I don't want their life!

I like being a dog….I don’t want their life!

Every now and then you hear a quote that really makes you think. Continue reading

What means most to you?????

My family..........

My family..........

What, in life, is most important to you??
Make a list…it only needs to be short.  Make this list in order of priority e.g.  Family; Health; Friends and Work???
Of course each of us has a different list. Do you live life as though these actually
were the most significant things in your life?  You may have said family is first……do you really put quality time into your family or are you too  busy doing other stuff? You may have said Health but in fact spend little time really looking after yourself?  What changes can you make to focus on what is really important?
Are you wasting time on unnecessary things? Are you focusing on things that are not even on your list?  Do you say yes to things that you have no time for? What does your list look like??? Are you living a life that matches your list or could your life do with some changes? I know times are busy and we can easily lose sight of what is important, but surely our lives are happiest and the most fulfilling when we live life being true to ourselves and knowing what is the most meaningful to us.