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We’re going on happiness hunt..

Hey can you please tell me where I find happiness?

Have you heard the nursery rhyme “we’re going on a bear hunt?” or maybe you had secret aspirations to be a detective?  This week’s challenge is to go on a happiness hunt….

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Thunder cloud or rainbow??

No thunder clouds here!

Imagine if others could see thought bubbles over our heads with the words that we are thinking as we go about our day… Would they see thunder cloud words, (negative) or rainbow type words (positive) thoughts emminating from you?

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Change ‘have to’ with “get to”

praying otter

I’m grateful that I have the cutest animal hands in the world!

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Gratitude……it’s catchy

Be grateful

It is very hard to be cranky when you are being grateful.

I know some days looking for things to be grateful about is harder than others but as long as you are alive, there are always many things to be grateful for.

Make a list of everything you are grateful for and I mean everything…..you may not think there is much but once you get in the swing of it you will not be able to stop.  It is a great way to shift you from negativity to positivity. If you do it daily it becomes a habit.  When you are driving.  When you wake up.  When you go to sleep….whenever it suits
you. If you are feeling a bit flat or even totally crap this can really change your mood.

Some people like to write things down, some like to think of 10 things at a time……what works for you??????

If you are cranky with a loved one, instead of making the mental list of “Things that you do to annoy me most “….(come on admit it we have all done that list in our head), try changing it to “Okay you can be annoying but I am grateful to you for” ………..and list as many things as you can.  I promise it will soothe you and shift your focus.

Why not try every night before falling asleep thinking about 10 things that you were thankful for that day……..try and make them different everynight.

Let me know how you are going?