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Being happy in challenging times

How can I be happy with you staring at me?

Let’s face it – 2020- 21 has not been easy. In such difficult and everchanging times it can be hard to stay positive and even harder to feel happy.  All studies show the more resilient you can be the more likely you are to adapt and be able to cope with day-to-day challenges.

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Bring back normality…..please???

Kangaroo thinking

Now let me think…what do I want my new normal to be like?

Remember the good old days??? Life rolled on and was what we fondly called normal.  2020 has thrown normality on it’s head and  tossed us around like waves on jaggered rocks.   In the rush to get back to normal we have an amazing opportunity to use this transition time to consider how we actually want our future normal to look. Continue reading

Heaven or hell?

This is heaven....

This is heaven….

Have you ever heard the saying that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” or “one man’s hell is another man’s heaven”? Why is it that two people, put in exactly the same situation can handle things so differently? Why is it that two people who can hear precisely the same news can hear it so oppositely? Continue reading


What? Are you trying to tell me I can choose my feelings?

What? Are you trying to tell me I can choose my feelings?

When you are having a stressful moment do you realise that you have some choices to make? You can choose to immerse yourself in your stress, you can think about it constantly, you can make the situation worse by inflaming things and you can lose all objectivity in relation to that particular worry, OR, you can choose to try to turn things around, change your head space, build some resilience and really work hard to try to improve things? What choices do you make??? Continue reading

What are you thinking?

Sometimes I get so confused......

Sometimes I get so confused……

Wow! An entire month has passed between posts. I have been so busy and had not even realised…….Well it is 1st of the month reality check time again! This month I would like to remind us all of how powerful our mind and our thoughts can be. The thoughts we have can be like a supportive friend or an unhelpful foe.  Our thoughts can keep us strong, get us through or keep us down and allow negativity to seep in. What sort of state is your mind in at the moment??   Continue reading

Stress….are you sometimes the cause??????

What are you looking at...are you having a go at me..do you want a fight????

What are you looking at...are you having a go at me..do you want a fight????

Do you create some of your own stress????? Do you think that all of your problems are caused by outside factors: my parents; spouse; kids; friends; colleagues; money: work etc?  Guess what most often they are caused/created by ourselves? Why does one event send you into stress out melt down and not even bother someone else? Is our personality a factor? Can we all be guilty at times of creating our own stress??? Now is the time to be honest with ourselves……. Time for some soul searching questions……. Continue reading

Resilience…..what do you do when things get tough???

I can get through this....I know I can.

I can get through this....I know I can.

We are told that we should let our children play in the dirt, let them get muddy as it helps them to build up a healthy resistance to bugs……if we wrap
them up in cotton wool their immune systems don’t get a chance to strengthen. What do we call this???? Resilience……. Continue reading

Out of the mouths of babes……..

Hey Mum!!!! Time to play!!!!!

Hey Mum!!!! Time to play!!!!!

Sometimes life lessons come from the most unsuspecting teachers. Many of us may think that we need to seek out wise elders or gurus to teach us the wisdoms of the world, but many a lesson can be taught to us from a very surprising source…… Continue reading