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We’re going on happiness hunt..

Hey can you please tell me where I find happiness?

Have you heard the nursery rhyme “we’re going on a bear hunt?” or maybe you had secret aspirations to be a detective?  This week’s challenge is to go on a happiness hunt….

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Do you love where you live??

Man I love it here!!!!

Man I love it here!!!!

As I drove out of my street this morning, on the way to work, I said to myself…”Man I love it here”.  I adore where I live.  We are so lucky to live at the base of a stunning mountain and on the edge of National park.  Sometimes, I feel like I have to pinch myself, I must be dreaming. I feel so grateful.  Some of the people I work with think that I am crazy and that I live out in the sticks, they love living in town and being able to walk to the shops, go out for coffee etc.  This got me to thinking…..Why do you love where you live?????? Continue reading