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How grateful are you?

I am grateful for my mummy, gum leaves and tall trees that keep me safe.

I am grateful for my mummy, gum leaves and tall trees that keep me safe.

Did you know that studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between your happiness and how grateful you are? Here is a thought for you to ponder …….What if you woke up today with only the things that you were actually grateful for yesterday?………. Continue reading

Are you truly grateful for what you have? 1st of the month reality check…..

I am so grateful for my family!

I am so grateful for my family!

Hi Everyone

It is first of the month “Reality Check” time…..If you a new to my blog..on the first of every month I will put up a post that reminds us how grateful and lucky we are.  In our hectic world we seem to forget, all too often, how precious our lives are and what is truly important to us…so on the first of every month we can all read something that gives us a gentle reminder…….

Imagine if you lost everything that you ever had…..everything???
You are left alone, no family, with only the clothes on your back. Ponder this thought for just 30 seconds……. Continue reading

10 Quirky Wintery things to be thankful for???

I am grateful for my pretend umbrella????

I am grateful for my pretend umbrella????

I was driving home from work tonight in the rain and feeling a wee bit tired at the end of a loooooooong week. I popped into my trusty car stereo a Cd that my lovely neighbour had given me as they were having a clean out.
I had this CD once, but had lost it and playing it again made me remember how much I missed it…(Norah Jones….Come away with me). How grateful was I to have this Cd back again???? Very!!! It made me think of other things that I was grateful for that had happened within the last 24 hours…….(Okay, I know that I have a weird brain!!!!!) but let’s face it, where I live it is bloody freezing,
rainy and dark by about 5pm….so I need to get creative. So here is part of my mental list: 1. Car heaters 2.Norah Jones 3.Friday knock off time 4. Arriving home to a warm house 5.A much loved family pooch greeting me with her waggly tail 6. Hubby getting up at 2am last night to a “I had a bad dream and can’t get back to sleep” call, whilst I went back to sleep 7. Changing into my pyjama pants after work 8.Hubby just popping a cup of tea next to me while I type. 9. Thinking of a big sleep in tomorrow 10. Electric blankets!  Let me know
some of your, wintery moments, grateful list……Let me know I am not alone in my Quirky thoughts????????????????

Did you choose to be happy today???

I choose to bathe in happiness!!!!!!!!

I choose to bathe in happiness!!!!!!!!

Did you realise that happiness is your choice??  When you woke up today did you wake up looking forward to the day, thankful for your lot, ready to rock and roll, happy to be alive.  Or did you slap that alarm, pull the doona over your head and wish that you had a different life?  What is the difference between these two choices???? Is it as simple as choosing the more positive one, is it as simple as changing how your mind thinks??? Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty thinker?  We should try every day to make positive, loving and caring choices.  When Dolly Parton was asked what was her secret to a happy marriage….(as we all know not many Hollywood marriages make the distance)….she replied…”Because I choose for it to be happy”

Did you choose to be happy today?

Gratitude……it’s catchy

Be grateful

It is very hard to be cranky when you are being grateful.

I know some days looking for things to be grateful about is harder than others but as long as you are alive, there are always many things to be grateful for.

Make a list of everything you are grateful for and I mean everything…..you may not think there is much but once you get in the swing of it you will not be able to stop.  It is a great way to shift you from negativity to positivity. If you do it daily it becomes a habit.  When you are driving.  When you wake up.  When you go to sleep….whenever it suits
you. If you are feeling a bit flat or even totally crap this can really change your mood.

Some people like to write things down, some like to think of 10 things at a time……what works for you??????

If you are cranky with a loved one, instead of making the mental list of “Things that you do to annoy me most “….(come on admit it we have all done that list in our head), try changing it to “Okay you can be annoying but I am grateful to you for” ………..and list as many things as you can.  I promise it will soothe you and shift your focus.

Why not try every night before falling asleep thinking about 10 things that you were thankful for that day……..try and make them different everynight.

Let me know how you are going?