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Who do love to hang out with?

happy twin pigs

I love hanging out with you…….No I love hanging out with you!

Who do you love to hang out with?  Who makes you happy, shares your thoughts and dreams, listens to you, supports you and is nurturing to your soul? Continue reading


Your life movie……box office success or in need of work??

Lion covering eyes

What a negative movie……I couldn’t bare to watch. I have to make changes.

If the last 2 years of your life was made into a movie, what would it look like? Continue reading

The true joy of Christmas………..

We are always kind to each other...not just at Christmas

We are always kind to each other…not just at Christmas

They say that the true joy of Christmas is in the giving.  Do you feel better when you give someone a gift or do you feel better when you give of yourself? Is it when you go shopping and buy presents or it when you give of yourself that you feel real joy? Continue reading

Are you happy?

We're happy...Are you????

We’re happy…Are you????

Are you happy? Do you think that happiness just happens or do you believe that it is something that we must work on daily to achieve? Do you actually put time into building pleasure in your life? Do you even know what makes you happy? Guess what?? Continue reading