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Do you let other’s run their own race?

Why don't you listen?  I told you to bark like me...stop that meowing!

Why don’t you listen? I told you to bark like me…stop that meowing!

Following on from my Run your own race  post which talked about doing your own thing, running your own race and  not comparing yourself to others, I thought that we might need to look at  this from another point of view.  Absolutely!…..We  should run our race…….but the flip side of this is letting others  run their own race too. Continue reading

Run your own race…….

My advice little ones is to do your own thing...don't follow the pack!

My advice little ones is to do your own thing…don’t follow the pack!

Welcome to August! It is time for our first of the month reality check!

I was watching an interview with Bronte Barratt, an Australian Olympic swimmer who has just won a Bronze medal in the London Olympics and when asked what advice she would give her younger team members she replied that she tells them to…….. Continue reading

I just want to be me!

Please just let me by myself!

Why can’t I just be myself?

Okay…so my first of the month reality check’s are getting later and later! Sorry I have been a wee bit busy lately.

This month I want to focus on YOU…the real YOU!  Are you yourself? Do you act, speak and live authentically?  Why do so many of us feel the need to “keep us with the Jones’s”, to be people pleases, feel responsible for other’s feelings or feel that we must act in certain ways to “fit in”. Do you find yourself in positions where you know that you are not being true to yourself? Do you make some decisions based on other’s feelings and not your own? Do you say/do one thing but honestly deep down think another? Continue reading