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Health check….how do you rate?

We just love our yoga!

Do you believe that our state of health affects our happiness?? I do.  If you had a house and it was run down…the foundations were weak, the walls were cracking, the windows were busted, the roof leaked, there was rubbish piled up and the garden was overgrown….do you think it would be a good place to live…a healthy place??? 

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Are you looking after yourself?????

My body is my temple....yummy...yummy!!!

My body is my temple....yummy...yummy!!!

Do you say health is important to you but live as though you have a replacement body waiting on the side lines that you think you can use when this one wears out?  Be honest???  Do you say you should exercise but have no time? Do you say that you should eat less but eat more?? Do you indulge in anything too much??? Continue reading