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Don’t poop in your own nest

Hey be nice....we all have to live in here together!

Hey be nice….we all have to live in here together!

Have you ever heard of that saying “Don’t sh%t (poop) in your own nest”? To me it means that we should try not to ” do the dirty/betray/be negative” to those around us. We need to mindful of our relationships, in particular our actions and reactions to situations and try to maintain a respectful approach. Remember “treat others as you want to be treated”. Now I am far from perfect and have teenagers, so believe me I know that being calm and nice is not always possible but for the sake of this post I am actually thinking about work relationships…….. Continue reading

What have you been focussing on??? 1st of the month reality check.

So if I focus on this chicken it will grow??????

So if I focus on this chicken it will grow??????

Well another month has gone by, hope yours was happy. It is time again for our first of the month reality check.

This month we are taking a look at the theory that “what you focus on grows”. If we think constantly about lack of money, then we attract a lack of money. If we spend a lot of time thinking negatively, we will feel negative and negative situations will follow.Have a think about the week that has just gone by…..what did the bulk of your energy and focus go to? What issues were you thinking about? Did you have concerns that were always in the back of your mind?

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