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What sort of role model are you?

You are my role model, I will always look up to you.

You are my role model, I will always look up to you.

There is always an ongoing debate about who and who should not be our role models. Should celebrities and sports stars be forced into this role or should they be able to opt out and do as they please? Are the Miley Cyrus’s and the Justin Beiber’s of the world role models or not? Continue reading


Do you invite stress into your life?

Do you unintentionally invite stress into your life? Do you go about your day totally unaware of the stresses/tensions that surround you? Are there areas of your life where frustrations are a daily occurrence, when they really don’t need to be? Maybe you don’t even realize that the strain is there or that you are being affected? We know that stress and especially continual stress can cause illness and unhappiness, so doesn’t it make sense to try to eliminate as much stress as we possibly can? Let’s take a typical day and see where stresses may be bubbling along under the surface.
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