How this little piggy blog started…..

I am so grateful for the sun today!

I am so grateful for the sun today!

My name is Michelle,(aka Happyasapig), and this is the story of how my blog begun…

Well, for many years I have been listening; reading and watching and trying to be as happy and content as possible.  I started writing down all the things that I knew had or would help me. I would have thoughts and think “now that makes sense”, or I’d hear or read something and go “AHHHHH that explains it” or “Now I finally get it”. I would write in a scrappy folder either everyday or not for months.
When I reread my notes, I laughed….I cried……and I went wow, I really need to type all of this up and get it in some order.  This is stuff that has seriously helped me get through, helps me understand why things happen, helped me have hope and  faith in life.
It has helped me become a better person, (still very much in training), and given me resilience to move on from hardships and learn to love life and accept life. In low moments, I go over my notes and get refreshed and feel more positive.

Then, as I do try to live in the 21st century, I thought what about sharing this stuff with others on a blog…….scary thought as I have no idea how to do it, but they say it is good for the brain and mind to learn new things and start new hobbies, so why not? I had followed a local blog, until it sadly ended and found it a really enjoyable “hobby”.
I loved checking in on it and seeing what topics were being discussed and adding my little thoughts.  It is great to see other people joining in on a topic and get a real feedback going. We can learn so much from others. As well as getting all of my scrappy notes typed up, I hope that by sharing what I have jotted down over the years, I can help others to start, continue or enhance their happiness journey.
I would love to hear from you and for us to share what we are learning together, what works for us, get advice and together do our best to be happy.
I also hope for it to be a supportive, accepting, positive and a happy place to come visit each week or so……

I imagine that I will post a couple of new topics/thoughts/issues every week and after we have discussed it to file it under headings.  At this point I have 7 headings that I am thinking of:

Relationships               Organisation                  Health and well-being

Forgiveness                   Gratitude                        Self and lastly Stress

By listing everything under the above headings,  you can go back and reread under which ever heading you think you need to at any particular moment.
For example if you are having an issue with someone, you may like to go to the forgiveness heading for some inspiration or  if you are not having an easy time to get motivated to get out and do some exercise you can go to health …… let’s all try to be happy little piggies together and share our muddy moments.  I look forward to learning new things and chatting with new like-minded people.

Let’s see how we go…………..Please join in the chat……..the more people who share…..the more we can learn and the more we learn the happier we can be.


10 responses to “How this little piggy blog started…..

  1. I love the piggies! What great images – and a fun blog to boot. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Sarah, Lovely to hear from you all the way over in the USA. I bet it is chilly and beautiful over your way for Cristmas. I am from Australia, so we are looking forward to a sunny Festive season. Best wishes and thanks for visiting. Love to hear from you again and any other overseas visitors that happen to find us here. Best wishes………

  3. Hi Piggy I have only just started reading but I can see me comming here often 🙂
    When I read …Every minute spent in anger, is 60 seconds less happiness in your life…………. I straight away thought “why did’nt I read that saying a long long time ago, although mine was not anger but more sadness. so I am very happy to have read those words thanks Piggy 🙂

  4. Di…thank you so much…..I know what you mean….the whole reason for my blog is to share lessons/tips/words that have helped and continue to help me on a daily basis. I wish that I knew half of this stuff as a teen or younger woman……Hey, we are never to young to learn and as we age I truly think we ready to learn more. Anything that improves our happiness is what this blog is all about……….Visit often/comment often and join us in our quest to be happy little piggies.

  5. Hi Michelle! Thanks for the follow and likes! Keep your happy vibes coming! Great blog indeed! 😉

  6. Hi from Ireland. Love your posts..they’re really inspiring. Thank you!

  7. Blogs are indeed a lovely place for feedback, interesting ideas, and most of all our journeys for all to see in heart and mind. It is amazing to see what ‘pops’ up in them 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

  8. I wish to be a happy little pig in mud too xx
    All the way – thank you for sharing your love and light X

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