Piggy code of conduct

Happy together

We are all different and that is a great thing.  One pig’s mud may not be another’s…..if you get my piggy drift. I love to walk……you may love to jog, I
love to cook…….you might hate it, you may love big parties…..I love small gatherings.  This blog is not about trying to make everyone the same…..
it is about all of us being true to ourselves and getting to know the real you…not what others want, not what others expect…..so please take what is written and make it suit you, your lifestyle, your personality, your true self.
Let’s all respect each other’s individuality and be accepting, kind and understanding in our comments and sharing……………………

“Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.
Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.
Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.
Be careful of your habits,for your habits become your character.
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.”

Author unknown

Every minute spent in anger, is 60 seconds less happiness in your life.


4 responses to “Piggy code of conduct

  1. Hi there, I am Tarnie from DTE. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, its so lovely to read such positive words.


  2. Hi Tarnie, thanks for popping by. Please fell free to join in at any time and If you want to be updated to all new posts just click on the ” email subscription” heading in the right hand column. Lovely to hear from you.

  3. I like your “Piggy Code of Conduct.” I wish everyone would just try to live by this code 🙂

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