What makes you happy??

Your jokes make me so happy!!

That was the funniest joke ever!!! You make me happy!!

I imagined and hoped that this blog was going to be a place to share…..share thoughts, ideas, issues, hints and fun stuff.  I envisaged us helping each other and growing together in our daily challenge to be as happy as we can be. I suppose I thought it would be like a chat between friends.  Lately, even though it appears that people are visiting my blog, I can’t really be sure what you are thinking out there?????

So I turn this post over to you and invite, (or should I say beg), you to make comment……..  Just so I know that someone is actually reading this stuff???

So I ask you to share with us 3 things that make you happy????  It can be anything at all…….

So just go to the Enter your comments box  below this blog and let us know 3 things that make you happy?????  I look forward to hearing from you.

5 responses to “What makes you happy??

  1. The “your jokes make me so happy” photo pretty much sums up life.
    At the end of the day, no matter what has happened – good, bad or indifferent, you have to enjoy life. Even if its just a small thing – remember it and enjoy it. Its way too easy too be miserable. A lot of people take that easy way out. But it takes effort to hang onto a little joy. But if you can get into the habit – even just starting at one thing a day, it grows into a joy of life. I started with smelling coffee. Yep – coffee. Rather than just boil the kettle, pour and drink, I made a concious decision every morning to take 20 seconds out of the day to actually smell the aroma. Some mornings Id just appreciate the smell. Other days Id imagine I was on holiday in Italy. You get the idea. But boy, one small thing leads to other small actions and before long your whole day is less robotic and has more substance. So – smell the coffe I say!

  2. Coffee smells so good…and I don’t even drink it…..You are right Kerrie…we can go through the day picking it to pieces or go through the day enjoying moment to moment….soon those moments join together and make a happy day. A day we can look back on as a day well spent. Here’s to happy days!
    You made my day with your comment…….

  3. getting together with my friends
    seeing my family happy
    snow skiing 🙂

  4. oh and putting my thoughts and comments on this blog 🙂 🙂

  5. Thanks Lizzie….. you are awesome!!!!!

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