Do you love where you live??

Man I love it here!!!!

Man I love it here!!!!

As I drove out of my street this morning, on the way to work, I said to myself…”Man I love it here”.  I adore where I live.  We are so lucky to live at the base of a stunning mountain and on the edge of National park.  Sometimes, I feel like I have to pinch myself, I must be dreaming. I feel so grateful.  Some of the people I work with think that I am crazy and that I live out in the sticks, they love living in town and being able to walk to the shops, go out for coffee etc.  This got me to thinking…..Why do you love where you live??????

We are all sooooo different and appreciate so many different things in life.  Even though born in the city, for some odd reason I am a country girl through and through.  Where do you live and what aspects of your area, of your domain, make you most grateful?? What puts a smile on your face??  Please share, I love it when I hear from you out there???

As I was admiring the scenery on my drive to work, one of my all time favourite songs came on…..   “This corner of the earth”by Jamiroquai (It is a  little freaky when these coincidences happen)….  my favorite lines in the song are “This corner of the earth is like me in many ways….. I could sit for hours here and watch the air and feathers play”…. “This corner of the earth, it smiles at me”  Sometimes as I go for my walks around here this song plays in my head and I feel like dancing up my road……..Cooky, I know. But I love it!

2 responses to “Do you love where you live??

  1. You know Michelle it is so great to hear that you really appreciate where you live and I agree that if we stop and look around us we can find beauty in our surrounds. I absolutely love nature, the bush, the birds, animals, and oh the brilliant night sky I can see so clearly from my backyard…I love to look at it of a night time and wonder about the stars and how our planet is suspended in space and how there is so much to see on this amazing planet…..there is beauty everywhere, thanks for reminding me to see it 🙂

  2. Ahhhh the nights….I forgot all about the stunning, starry nights. Another benefit of country life is the gorgeous night skys….thank you for reminding me Kakadoo!

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