The green eyed monster……….

I thought being a lion would be fun but it is really quite boring!

I thought being a lion would be fun but it is really quite boring!

Do you ever find yourself wanting someone else’s life or even parts of their life? Imagine if what you wished for actually came true? Let’s say over the past months you wished to have the job that your colleague has, the car that your neighbour has just bought, a partner just like your best friends, or a house like your sisters. Imagine the following scenario…….
A fairy grants all of your wishes..
All of a sudden you have your colleague’s job, you are now the proud owner of your neighbour’s car, you are now dating your best friend’s hubby, and your sister arrives home to find that you now own her house???
It would be utterly bizarre, right? Then why do so many of us think it is absolutely fine to want other people’s lives? When you really think about it is completely weird that we would want to live in another person’s shoes.
Sure it fine to want better or to strive for more but to be jealous of others or to waste time longingly wishing to have someone else’s life does not help us be grateful for what we have. Comparing ourselves to others does not help us in any way. Remember: compare equals despair.
I really believe that whilst we are here on earth, it is our purpose to find out who we really are and to live our own individual journey .The closer we truly get to our true self and our life’s purpose, the happier we will be. Surely we are not put here on earth to spend our entire life wishing to be someone else, living out other people’s lives? I see it as everyone here has a “job” to do and wishing to be someone else is comparable with wishing to do their job or live their life. When we allow jealously to seep in it will never end well.
Are you grateful for your life? Are you being yourself?
Some amazing quotes to ponder:
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde
“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” Judy Garland
“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself”. Rita Mae Brown

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are”. Kurt Cobain

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Steve Jobs

“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves”. LA Rouchefoucauld


4 responses to “The green eyed monster……….

  1. Well said. Occasionally I will meet a person that just stands out. What attracts me to them is usually a calm demeanor and a sort of inner peace.
    Even if they aren’t particularly attractive, they are somehow beautiful. I’ve never thought about why that type of person is so likeable, but after reading this entry I realise it is because they are themselves, and not trying to be anybody but themselves. Once you can be happy with who you are, it is a truly beautiful thing – inside and out.

    • I totally agree Kerrie, when I see someone and they strike me as being beautiful (not just in looks) I always think to myself that it is their sense of self that makes them almost shine.

  2. Enjoyed this post, Michelle. I think it’s natural for children to have bouts of jealousy, but when an adult is still suffereing from this then they just have’t accepted who they are and their ego is running the show. On another note, thank you for visiting my blog–I really enjoyed hearing from you 🙂

  3. Yes our ego’s can be our undoing at times. Thank you for stopping by!

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