Where is the real me???

Where is the real me??

Where is the real me??

At some stage in our life most of us will feel the need to rediscover who we really are.  We feel a little lost and unsure of what our true self is and what we really want from life. To me, this is only natural as we spend so many years pleasing others and conforming out of necessity. Then, at some point we wake up and we say to ourselves “Who is the real me, what do I really like, what are my goals, and where do I see myself in years to come?” The journey to find our true selves is by no means an easy feat……..we have spent so many years conforming and compromising that this challenge is a hard nut to crack.

I like to think of it as if we are weeding an out of control garden…..weed by weed, day by day, you can take over.  Like any out of control garden not all plants are weeds, some plants are beautiful and thriving, (your true positives), but some will need to go, (your learnt negatives and untrue beliefs).  Do you know who you really are? What do you truly believe in? What matters to you? What do you love to do? What qualities are you proud of? What parts of yourself are you not proud of?? What traits do you know in your heart that you need to work on?

Next time you are alone and get some thinking time…please have a reflective think about who “YOU” really are.   Make it a mission this week to get to know yourself? Are you living a happy and true to yourself life? Are their changes you need to make?  Let us know what you uncover? I love to hear how you are going?


One response to “Where is the real me???

  1. Well I have taken some time to reflect…and I realise that I often confuse myself at times about who I am and what I want. I find myself always coming up with the same question….. how do I know the real me?? Would I even know it if I was staring at it in the mirror? How do I know if what I am feeling/thinking/doing is fear, ego or really me? Well, this is this week’s revelation for myself….I think i have started to get how I know if something is the real me…..it makes me happy, it sits “right” with me, I FEEL good about it, I feel proud, I feel honest. Even if it is something is a little challenging..I feel strong and committed to it. So now I have decided to go with this and everyday I will make decisions, choices and reactions that FEEL and sit right within me. If I am unsure, I will take a deep breath and give it some thought. Hopefully this process will uncover the real me. Do you know what I truly beleive??? That when we are our true self that we are at our absolute best…I beleive that we are strong, healthy, loving, kind, thoughtful, grateful, positive and ready to live life. So here’s to life and living it at our best!

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