Are you organised???

Some days I have no idea how I get it all done???

Some days I have no idea how I get it all done???

Don’t know about you but I am not a fan of chaos/drama/running late and feeling overwhelmed? Being in the middle of disorganisation creates chaos.  We need to work on time management; making the most of our precious time and planning so that we can have lots of happy and fulfilling moments.

Are you as organised as you can be? Do you put time into planning, organising and making the most of your time?  For me, time is precious….I work fulltime, have a shift working hubby, two teens who are at Secondary school, who both have part-time jobs and we live in the country adding the tyranny of distance into our daily busy lives.  Don’t get me wrong I  love my life and I think that a massive part of my enjoyment and happiness can be attributed to the fact that I am organised. I rarely feel overwhelmed, under prepared and out of control. What things do you do to help your life run smoothly???

Some tips that I would share are:

*Time management: I have a calendar for the entire family to see. It has all appointments, work shifts and school stuff listed. I also have a diary that I carry. I know it is double handling but it saves me double booking and not knowing what is going on.

*Meal planning: I am a huge meal planner. We rarely do take away and live out-of-town, so my shopping and meal planning needs to be organised. My hubby’s work has no canteen and he does 12 hour shifts…he has to take all food in. I plan my meals around his shifts and do a menu plan once a week or so. I sit down for 5-10 minutes once a week….from that time on I don’t have to panic about what we are eating. This also saves waste as I plan around what groceries I have…we do not throw any food out, everything gets used. It is also healthier as we are not eating takeaway or junk food.

*Housework: a little each day is better than trying to conquer everything all at once. Try to keep on top of your chores. Ask for help…share the load.  De-cluttering is also a great help…nothing worse than having stuff everywhere and every time you walk past the pile of mess it makes  you cringe. Put it away or give it away.

*Financial planning: Make a budget. Figure out all of your expenses for the year, include everything that you can think of…including food, petrol, car, and every other bill you pay. Add it all up and divide it by 52 weeks. This is the amount you need to put aside each week to live…..then and only then what is left is savings. Put these savings into a separate account. Too many people get caught by a busy month of bills and no savings to fall back on.

*Make some time just for you…..I would go nuts if I did not have my walks, zumba and the odd lunch with friends. It is my time and it definitely recharges my batteries.

Being unorganised can be tiring, unsettling, makes us feel overwhelmed and can lead to stress “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task William James”

We need to simplify and makes things easier for ourselves. I truly believe that getting on top of things and getting organised can reduce our stress by bucket loads.

Let me know how you keep organised, share some tips or even ask some questions????? I am sure that together we can come up with some great ideas.


4 responses to “Are you organised???

  1. Julianne Wilde

    This post has come at the right time for me Michelle. I had a day the other day that I said to my self – “enough is enough” I have many of those piles of mess and yes I cringe every time I walk past them. (not to mention the stress levels rising when someone mentions they will drop something to my house) I get so embarrassed and am just sick of saying “sorry about the mess….” So I have been spending this weekend getting started on my sort it, clean it, chuck it, process… it is going to take time, but it is starting to feel better already… not that I can see that much progress yet, its just the mindset that yes! I am going to get organized. As I said “enough is enough”
    I do have lots of uncompleted tasks – not necessarily in my working life, but in my personal / household life. There is just so many things that I know what I want to achieve, but basically seem to only ever have the time to talk it over and then there goes my five free minutes for the next month or so… :(:( very frustrating.
    I like your meal plan section. I do find that the week goes so much smoother when I have shopped with meals in mind. Never any stress “what to have for dinner” and yes definitely eat healthier as there is never that “oh I guess we’ll order a pizza” conversation.
    Does anyone have any tips, as I start my get organized journey, how to keep a 4 year old and a 18 month old from “messing up the room you have just tidied” aaaaagggghhhhhh……
    In all seriousness, I am really mindful of trying to get my house to that organized and neat state, so my young children see what it should really look like and not think that it is acceptable to have mess (piles of things) everywhere. Maybe they might follow suit???

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself Jules….you are a very busy mum. One step at a time….you have made a start and that is awesome. A couple of tips for little ones….1. It is okay… your house does not have to look like a display home. 2. I used to have the rule no new toys/games etc out until the last lot are packed up. 3. Find some handy storage solutions to hide the toys/dress ups etc 4. Declutter…if they no longer play with it pass it on or put it in storage. 5. At birthday times/Christmas etc suggest money to go into kids acounts to relatives instead of presents…kids these days can have toooooo much “stuff”. Having clutter and not keeping on top of chores etc can be stressful, but trying to keep too much order can also have the same result. Balance is the key! P.S You are doing a great job!

  3. Lizzie Maguire

    Welcome back me!!! Well I like to think that I am quite organised. I think that I have to be and when I’m not it all gets too overwhelming! I find that I have to be organised at work so I use some of these methods at home. I don’t know if any of this will help but I don’t have certain days to do certain jobs, meaning if the bathroom needs to be cleaned….I clean it. If I have a spare 5 minutes after putting on my make up, quickly grab the cleaning stuff under the sink and clean the sink and mirror. I also leave the cleaning stuff in the shower and clean it as needed when I take a shower, otherwise I think to myself “I must clean the shower” and it never seems to get done! I also find in my lunch break (we live close to work) if the house needs a vac….like Nike say “Just do it”!!! I find that this stops house work piling up. But Jules……… doesn’t matter how old the kids are they will ALWAYS make mess just like the hubbies!!! 🙂

  4. Yes Liz….I too am a fan of the “Nike Just do it!” approach….by the time you have made a list, contemplated when you do your chore, figured out how you will do it and made a time slot to do it in……you probably could have done it. Keeping on top of stuff certainly reduces stress. It is also OK for our homes to look lived in….we also need to take time for ourselves!

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