How is your emotional fitness?

I am exhausted!

I am exhausted!

Well I am back after a lovely holiday away and am feeling refreshed, renewed and full of beans. It is amazing how a holiday or even just a weekend away can recharge the old batteries and give you a new outlook on life. Before I went I felt exhausted, drained and lacking inspiration… has been a really big year for me and I now realize that I have not had a proper holiday for years. I was literally physically and emotionally pooped!
Sometimes life can just get on top of you and you can feel overwhelmed. Being pulled in a thousand different directions can leave you feeling a bit dazed. A little time away can clear the fog and give you the much need time you to reconnect with yourself and to explore what it is you want. Being away from the usual daily grind can make you see things more clearly and give you a new perspective on life and its challenges.
I feel refreshed and ready to take on what life has to offer. I have recharged my gratefulness for everything I have and that surrounds me. When was the last time you had a proper break away? When have you actually taken the time to reconnect with yourself and taken the time to recharge the old batteries. If you don’t have time or the funds for a holiday away, what about a weekend away or even 1 whole day away so you can clear your head, gather your thoughts and start afresh. Life can throw us all sorts of challenges, but I truly believe that if we are emotionally fit that we are in a far better position to take on what life has to offer. We, all too often, think about our physical fitness but when was the last time you checked in with your emotional fitness? You would not even think of entering a marathon unfit, unprepared and totally exhausted, so why tackle life and its challenges, emotionally drained? Is it time to take a “mental holiday” and recharge? I believe that a little recreation can be just what the Doctor ordered for a healthy state of mind. Have you ever thought about the word “recreation “and what it means?….Well, it means to “RE” “CREATE”…time to re connect with ourselves, put us back on track and give us a new and more realistic perspective on life. Will you take the time to get back on track, to recharge and to renew??? How is your emotional fitness??


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