Are you a Juggler????

Please no more balls....

Please no more balls....

Do you feel as if you are juggling everything? Scampering to keep juggling and trying to pick up what you have dropped?  Do you wonder how you can keep all of your ” balls” in the air? Are you juggling stuff that doesn’t even belong or really concern you?  How about stepping back??…………….give each ball/thing a name and check if it is important or relevant in your life.  If it is not
important and is causing you stress or fatigue maybe that ball/thing can be put on the shelf. It does not mean that you can’t do it later, but, if right now everything is too much, just take time out to smell the roses and re-evaluate your situation.  Stay in tune with what is truly right for you. Release those balls that you do not need. No one can keep up with such a hectic schedule, we all need time and space to just be and to enjoy.  Are you juggling too much stuff? Are your feeling stressed? What things can your release?


2 responses to “Are you a Juggler????

  1. It is funny how during the day we are juggling from the time we open our eyes to the time we’ve finished dinner, but then sit down doing absolutley nothing for the next 3-4 hours before bed, but watching TV!! Maybe some of the those balls could be juggled at night time??? Do you think???

  2. I am the same…….I am so dead tired by 7pm that those night time jobs just keep getting put off…..e.g.sorting out tax stuff, bank stuff, filing, never ending school notices,pile of things I must read but don’t etc. I know a possible answer…..Go to bed earlier so that I am not so tired?????? Easier said than done…..All of a sudden I look at the clock and it is 1030pm and I remember how buggered I am again……….If only I would listen to my tired body a bit more often.

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