Do you protect yourself???

Not too many people mess around with me. You get my point!

Not too many people mess around with me. You get my point!

Well we are just coming through a nasty flu season and touch wood; thus far I have managed to fend off the persistent germs.  I have felt the flu trying to invade but have managed to ward  off any illness. The flu has gone through my work, my hubby’s work and my kid’s school like a tornado, not leaving many free from its clutches.  I have consciously made an effort to protect myself and my health.  I have taken Echinacea tablets, rested, eaten really well and looked after myself and thankfully my efforts have paid off. Now I know that this does not always work but I think I definitely gave myself the best shot of fending off these little nasties.  Did you know that we can do this in other areas of our life and not just our health?

Did you know that you can also do this with negativity and negative situations? You can prepare your mind and your body to protect yourself from letting them affect you. Just like I took steps to fend off the flu you can take steps to fend off  negativity. Before you enter a situation that may be potentially unnerving take a few minutes to centre yourself, make yourself strong and in the “right” frame of mind to be around those who may normally unruffle/upset you. You can imagine yourself protected by a “bubble”, you can imagine yourself surrounded by an impenetrable force field or whatever else you feel comfortable with. So before you enter a situation that you may be anxious about or before you come into contact with someone who you may usually have a negative reaction from, prepare yourself as if you were protecting yourself. Tell yourself “I am strong, I will only accept positivity, I am positive, I will not react, I bring my highest self to this occasion” or whatever you feel comfortable with.  GO on give it a go! Protect yourself! You are worthy of respect and we all deserve to be treated and treat others with kindness…………………let me know how you go????????????????




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