Don’t poop in your own nest

Hey be nice....we all have to live in here together!

Hey be nice….we all have to live in here together!

Have you ever heard of that saying “Don’t sh%t (poop) in your own nest”? To me it means that we should try not to ” do the dirty/betray/be negative” to those around us. We need to mindful of our relationships, in particular our actions and reactions to situations and try to maintain a respectful approach. Remember “treat others as you want to be treated”. Now I am far from perfect and have teenagers, so believe me I know that being calm and nice is not always possible but for the sake of this post I am actually thinking about work relationships……..

Think back to starting a new job or even in your job now and in some senses you can liken it to just being put into a series of Survivor or The Big Brother house.  You really have to be mindful of relationships, alliances, the pecking order (official and not), who is ultra sensitive, who is mean, who to steer clear of, who is the trouble maker , who might be positive role models or mentors etc. I think a really good motto to live by in work situations is “Don’t  poop in your own nest” Be kind to all, work hard, don’t get into clicky groups, remember that someone who is one day under you, may very well be your boss next week, do not get involved in the politics of the job, always try to be positive, be wary of who you trust, remember that you are always being watched/appraised and treat all colleagues with respect. If someone is having a bad day and is snappy, leave it at that…do not get involved with bickering. If someone is bullying, take it up with a supervisor. If you have to stand up for yourself do it calmly, with facts and remain professional. As with all aspects in life be true to yourself, be honest with yourself and do the best job you can.

Another aspect of not pooping in your own nest comes into effect when you are looking for work.  Remember that shop assistant you got snitchy with over a price…she might be your new colleague. Remember that time you got really cranky at the bank and yelled….they may have a job going that you want and you are not likely to get it. You know how you told you last boss to “get stuffed”, well unfortunately he knows the boss of that new job that you want and is all too happy to pass on how much trouble you were. Always treat others with respect and kindness, you are not only doing them a favour but down the track it will always pay off for you too………… They call that KARMA!

So remember at work, at play and in life in general…..don’t poop in your own nest and treat others how you wish to be treated.

Let me know about your experiences with this sort of thing………..Love to hear from you!

8 responses to “Don’t poop in your own nest

  1. very good advice! I remember how it was when I worked in an office.

  2. Thank you for your comments and for visiting our happy little blog!

  3. That quote is so true albeit, I’m use to hearing it phrased that as “don’t sh-t where you wat”, but the message is the same. I think you will enjoy this post on the topic
    Surprise Interview | Real Life of an MSW

  4. And along with this comes “Don’t burn your bridges until you come to them”.
    Similar to what you said, that shop assistant you might have moaned at, just might be someone who could influence something in your life in the future. The boss you had a go at when you lost a job, well you might need a reference from them.
    Always look to the positive.

  5. Funny to have 2 people comment on an old post from 2012 that I was literally about to repost…………. Thank you Tom for stopping by. I am going to repost this one now!.

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    Was just about to reblog this one, when I noticed 2 people had just made comments……Guess it is meant to be. Enjoy!

  7. If you poop in your own nest, it will be you who has to clean it up.

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