Are you an inflater or deflater?

Happy lioness

All my friends say I make them happier

Thinks of the happiest person you know…….what do you admire about them? Do you notice that they make you and those around them feel happy, positive and energized?

I like to call these people inflaters – when you are in their presence their positivity lifts you. It’s like a breath of fresh air inflating you. What can you learn from them to be happier? They might not be rich, they might have an ordinary job and they may even have worries, but they are resilient and look at life in a glass half full manner.

On the flip side we all know someone who complains, always has dramas, is always too busy and can be draining to be around. What can we learn from them to be happier? I like to call these people deflaters – when you are around them you feel as if the positivity is literally flowing out of you, like the air oozing out of a blow up mattress It is not pleasurable to be around them and they definitely are the glass half empty thinkers.

Be aware of your energy and your presence around everyone. Try your best to inflate them and in doing so you will inflate yourself and be the best version of yourself. Positive energizes positive and by making a choice to be an inflater you will be happier and in turn help to make those around you happier too. Are you an inflater? If so, awesome and if not – what can you do to change?


12 responses to “Are you an inflater or deflater?

  1. I was only thinking earlier this week that I was missing your posts! Great post, and something for me to think about yet again! Thank you!

  2. I just saw your follow and now I am inflated with positivity:)

  3. Super good post Michelle! We all know about those deflaters and boy can they bring us way down. I hope I am an inflater because I sure try to be. Also, hope this comment takes because lately my comments on blogs are not posting.

  4. Great post, I like to think of myself as an inflator in an inflationary universe.

  5. Thank you Michelle 🙂 So nice of you to say that.

  6. seems i’m filling
    with air
    now 🙂

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