Christmas random acts of kindness

Helping elephant

You can always be kind!

Every now and then there is a feel good news story that makes you want to be a better person, and a recent random act of kindness story did just that for me.

Two thoughtful Aussie parents decided instead of an having an advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas that they and their four kids would complete a random act of kindness each day in the lead up to Christmas. One day when out at a cafe they noticed a very well behaved little girl having a treat with her family, they decided to write a note in a Christmas card and leave her $5.00 for being such a good little girl.  They did not stop to chat; they simply left the card.  Unbeknown to them the little girl had just been separated from her birth family and was actually sitting with her new foster mum. The card reduced the foster mum to tears and filled her heart with thankfulness.  The foster mum went on a local social media page to express her genuine gratitude and the story went viral. One simple act that has now touched so many lives….that is why random acts are so precious and priceless. Pleas see the following link to read the truly inspiring story.

I am a little late for the 25 days lead up to Christmas but how about joining me in performing a random act of Christmas kindness every day for the next 12 days in the lead up to Christmas?? Let’s spread our happiness and our gratitude for life and share it with those around us. Will you join me??




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