Thunder cloud or rainbow??

No thunder clouds here!

Imagine if others could see thought bubbles over our heads with the words that we are thinking as we go about our day… Would they see thunder cloud words, (negative) or rainbow type words (positive) thoughts emminating from you?

I was going for my walk this morning and realised my thoughts were being a bit thunder cloudy. I live at the bottom of a stunning mountain and am surrounded by beautiful National park with the most amazing scenery. It had just rained the night before and the sun was beaming – all in all, a lovely morning and here am I listing my to do list and thinking about an issue from the day before. Like a lightbulb going on I realised what I was doing and made a concsious effort to enjoy my surroundings. I took note of sights, sounds and smells and reset my thoughts to rainbow thoughts instead of thunder clouds. Instantly my mood changed and I could feel the happiness returning.

Are you aware of the energy you bring? Are you aware of how often you are talking negatively to yourself or to others?

I propose a challenge for the next couple of days – talk to yourself positively, notice when your inner voice is being negative and reset. Notice what energy you bring to your day to day situations – at work, at home, with friends, with family as you go about your day. See how you go. Love to hear what you think?


2 responses to “Thunder cloud or rainbow??

  1. Love this post Michelle. I try, and find it’s working for me to keep those rainbow thoughts going, instead of the thunder cloud ones. It sure makes a difference once you get into the habit of doing this.

    • Totally agree Michele and it is a habit isnt it? Just as we can form bad habits we can retrain them into positive habits.Rainbow thoughts are definitely great hbaits to have.

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